Brains & Bravery 1903

Brains & Bravery

Arthur Rackham Exhibits Brains and Bravery Anthology Adventuring

Coming off acclaimed releases like Rip Van Winkle, Arthur Rackham contributed 8 striking black and white visions for the 1903 short story anthology Brains & Bravery. Collected by Scottish publisher Chambers, this volume compiled intrepid tales from popular authors like pioneering historical fiction writer G.A. Henty, Australian master fantasist Guy Boothby, and women’s adventure pioneer L.T. Meade.

Brains and Bravery 1903 cover
Brains and Bravery 1903 cover

Grab your pith helmet and capture this milestone melding Rackham’s nascent gifts with enduring adventurers!

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1903 adventure anthology Brains & Bravery starring fantasy icon Arthur Rackham.

  • Features revered Victorian war correspondent G.A. Henty along with period genre stars
  • Rackham flexes atmospheric range across exotic global escapades
  • Captivating collectible crossover between fantasy visionary and boys’ tales titans
  • Essential for fans of Rackham, Henty, Boothby, vintage action, or British Imperialism

Format: Red cloth binding with color pictorial stamping (398 pages)

Size: 5 x 7 3⁄4 inches

Text: Brains & Bravery – Stories by G.A. Henty, Guy Boothby, L.T. Meade et al.

Illustrations: 8 full page halftone illustrations by Arthur Rackham

Publisher: W. & R. Chambers, Limited (Edinburgh/London)

Publication Date: 1903

While not containing extensive fantasy elements, Rackham’s signature atmospheric realism proves ideal for visualizing the far-flung escapades targeting adolescent readership. With skill honed on classics, he tailors style as demanded by sensational stories set everywhere from the Klondike to samurai battles. Though not his most famous works, these images capture Rackham’s finessed commercial illustration chops before developed toward legendary literary art status.

While acclaimed war correspondent G.A. Henty provided four stories for 1903’s adventure anthology Brains & Bravery, the collection featured a diverse range of period authors recounting exploits across 14 intrepid tales:

  • Australian mystery and sci-fi writer Guy Boothby
  • Prolific women’s fiction author L.T. Meade
  • Scholar Prof. Robert K. Douglas
  • John Arthur Barry – known for nautical adventures
  • Poet Katharine Tynan
  • Sports journalist H.A. Bryden
  • Historian W.H. Williamson
  • Walter Wood – Australian pastoral novels
  • F.B. Forester – models and engineering stories
  • Hemingford Grey – likely house pseudonym
  • T.R. Threlfall – likely house pseudonym

The variety of authors provides Rackham opportunity to showcase range beyond fantasy, including contemporary Arctic adventures, college athlete contests, and clashes between native tribes and explorers. While Henty and Boothby represent the clear marquee appeal, Rackham’s attendant illustrations and renown offer collectors compelling justification to rescue this overlooked creative time capsule as interests beyond Imperial heroes emerge.

G.A. Henty

Though Arthur Rackham provided the illustrations, the most famous author featured in the 1903 adventure anthology Brains & Bravery was pioneering historical fiction writer G.A. Henty. After serving in the Crimean War and other 19th century British military campaigns as a commissariat officer, Henty began a journalism career reporting as a foreign correspondent on major conflicts around the globe. His daring exploits witnessing events like the 1868 British invasion of Ethiopia saw Henty’s writings reach mass audiences back home.

Later as an editor for popularserialized tales aimed at Victorian boys, Henty shifted to publishing his own juvenile fiction which often incorporated military themes and imperialist values informed by years dodging bullets across exotic battlefronts. Works like In Battle and Breeze (1896) and Brains and Bravery (1903) cemented Henty’s legacy crafting ruggedest capers glorifying the Empire which long influenced kids’ expectations.

Rackham’s atmospheric realism proves an ideal match for Henty’s intrepid vignettes. Though containing less fantasy elements than Rackham interpretations before or after, his 1900s images visualize far-flung plots from the Klondike to samurai duels with finessed commercial style soon to crystallize into fine art renown. But at the time, Henty’s fame exceeded Rackham’s, making this volume a noteworthy pairing.

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