The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun Fancy 1909 Rackham

The Rainbow Book: Tales of Fun & Fancy

Arthur Rackham Charms Tales Amidst The Rainbow Book

With imaginative visions permeating Edwardian literary markets, publishers solicited work from fantasy icon Arthur Rackham to elevate gift anthologies like The Rainbow Book – a 1909 children’s story collection spotlighting whimsical tales of magic and everyday frolics. Rackham himself contributes 15 black and white drawings plus a color frontispiece.

Catch this prismatic glimpse before cultural transformations scatter their full spectrum!

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Overlooked 1909 Edwardian children’s anthology The Rainbow Book graced by Arthur Rackham.

  • Channeling generational transition from Victorian editorial oversight to matriarchal storytelling
  • Spotlights Rackham’s ubiquity as fantasy celebrity permeates literature
  • An unusual creative collaboration marrying fantasy and emerging youth tastes
  • Essential for devotees of Rackham, children’s books, or publishing history

Format: Red cloth binding with gold decorative stamping and lettering, gilt top (289 pages)

Size: 5 1⁄2 x 7 5⁄8 inches


The Rainbow Book: Tales of Fun & Fancy
by Mrs. M. H. Spielmann
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Hugh Thompson, Bernard Partridge, Lewis Baumer, Harry Rountree, and C. Wilhelm
Published by Chatto & Windus
London, 1909

Illustrators: Arthur Rackham, Hugh Thompson, Bernard Partridge, Lewis Baumer, Harry Rountree, C. Wilhelm

Rackham Contributions: 15 black & white drawings, 1 color illustration. The stories illustrated by Arthur Rackham first appeared in Little Folks in 1905 and 1906 with the same illustrations.

Publisher: Chatto & Windus (London)

Many of his pieces illustrate Mrs. M.H. Spielmann fantasies that originally appeared in Little Folks magazine in 1905-1906 sporting the same Rackham art. Numerous additional images come from period illustrators like Hugh Thompson and Bernard Partridge. While the book never gained fame, Rackham’s sparkling visions capture his infectious creativity during peak professional powers. For faithful collectors, it offers intrigue into overlooked diversions gracing obscure pages with immortal charm.

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