The Greek Heroes Stories Translated from Niebuhr 1910 Rackam

The Greek Heroes: Stories Translated from Niebuhr 1910

Arthur Rackham Resurrects Tales of Greek Heroes

Seeking to resuscitate overlooked early collaborations to profit from his fame, publishers reprinted Arthur Rackham’s skillful 1903 scenes from classic Greek myths in fresh editions like this 96 page The Greek Heroes version from 1910. The book contains the identical selection of stories and 12 Rackham illustrations spanning the ill-fated Orpheus to an intimidating giant rebuilt temple statue of Apollo.

Heroically seize this overlooked Olympus summit before the gods retreat!

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1910 release of Niebuhr’s classic retellings of Greek myths with early Rackham art.

  • 12 skillful drawings spanning legends of Perseus, Orpheus, Heracles and more
  • Historical tales aimed at wide readership to trigger renewed classics appreciation
  • Foundational Rackham developing emotive atmosphere and action atop pagan lore
  • Fascinating creative clash as German historian meets British fantasy visionary

While the limp buckram first edition barely endured, quality Rackham contributions made revived printings evergreen prospects. As most gift annual publishers controlling his major work eschewed reissues, shrewd imprints like Cassell ensured Rackham’s visions stayed circulating into developing collector hunger through repackaged volumes spotlighting peerless yet hard-to-find visions from his ascent still endemic across British imaginative realms.

Format: Blue cloth binding with pasted illustration and gold lettering (96 pages)

Size: 4 7⁄8 x 7 1⁄8 inches

Text: The Greek Heroes: Stories Translated from Niebuhr with Additions
With four coloured plates and numerous other illustrations by Arthur Rackham, R.W.S.
Published by Cassell and Company, Limited
London, New York, Toronto, and Melbourne
MCMX (1910).

Illustrations: 4 color plates and 8 black & white drawings by Arthur Rackham; originally from 1903 edition

Publisher: Cassell & Co. (London et al.)

First Published: 1903 limp buckram edition

Release Date: 1910

The Greek Heroes

Though Arthur Rackham provided the illustrations, the actual stories across The Greek Heroes come from 19th century German historian Barthold Georg Niebuhr’s research on Ancient Greco-Roman civilization. Niebuhr aimed to bring classical myths and history alive through dramatic narrative accessible for wide audiences.

This particular 1910 edition contains a sample of his retellings focusing on seminal Hellenic legends. Included adventures span the tragic quest of Jason and the Argonauts for the Golden Fleece to the slaying of snake-haired Medusa by noble warrior Perseus. The centerpiece follows the 12 impossible labors of mighty Heracles.

While Niebuhr’s fame has lessened over time, his lively translations and interpretations of canonized myths played pivotal role sparking wider public interest in archeology and classics studies. They also provided perfect fodder for Rackham’s developing signature style set in lands of legend. Though not containing extensive illustrations, this edition offered ideal creative exercise for Rackham building atmospheric scene-setting skills amidst titans and oracles in advance of an illustrious career visualizing fantasy titans for the ages.

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